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Gardenscapes Sarawak is a gardening & farming expo event to present collection of products from variety of brands as part of the ultimate experience for agriculture industry.

Discover & explore a unique range of outdoor living, garden flowers & plants, garden tools, exterior building materials and marketplace. 


1. Featuring the newest innovation in gardening and landscaping - with information and advice spread among lush greed plants, colorful flowers, vibrant tropical design, and delicious bounties from home gardens and Malaysian nurseries and farms.

2. Providing the general public with expert advice and information in a range of gardening subjects in an enjoyable and accessible format.

3. Display and sales of large varieties of plants, garden ornaments, gardening equipment and other gardening needs with participation from nurseries, landscaping artists and city councils with 50 exhibition booths over 3 days.

Things To Do

1. Learn something new through stage demonstrations about hydroponics, gardening, landscaping, aquaculture and more.

2. Connect with landscaping and gardening professionals who can help you deliver your gardening or landscaping dream. 

3. Relax with a casual stroll through our feature garden display.

4. Purchase seeds, plants, tools and everything else you need for your garden.

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